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You cannot make use of it expect the future, like with C

You cannot make use of it expect the future, like with C

“It could be argued that the use of and Cpk (with sufficient sample size) are far more valid estimates of long and short term capability of processes since the 1.5 sigma shift has a shaky statistical foundation.” Eoin

“Cpk tells you what the process is CAPABLE of doing in future, assuming it remains in a state of statistical control. tells you how the process has performed in the past. pk, because the process is not in a state of control. The values for Cpk and will converge to almost the same value when the process is in statistical control. that is because sigma and the sample standard deviation will be identical (at least as can be distinguished by an F-test). When out of control, the values will be distinctly different, perhaps by a very wide margin.” Jim Parnella

“Cp and Cpk are for computing the index with respect to the subgrouping of your data (different shifts, machines, operators, etc.), while Pp and are for the whole process (no subgrouping). For both and Cpk the ‘k stands for ‘centralizing facteur it assumes the index takes into consideration the fact that your data is maybe not centered (and hence, your index shall be smaller). It is more realistic to use Pp and than Cp or Cpk as the process variation cannot be tempered with by inappropriate subgrouping. However, Cp and Cpk can be very useful in order to know if, under the best conditions, the process is capable of fitting into the specs or not.It basically gives you the best case scenario for the existing process.” Chantal

“Cp should always be greater than 2.0 for a good process which is under statistical control. For a good process under statistical control, Cpk should be greater than 1.5.” Ranganadha Kumar

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“As for /Cpk, they mean one or the other and you will find people confusing the definitions and you WILL find books defining them versa and vice versa. 阅读更多