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The storyline from Medusa from inside the Greek Myths Said — Why Eliminate Medusa?

The storyline from Medusa from inside the Greek Myths Said — Why Eliminate Medusa?

Inside Greek myths, MEDUSA try one of several about three horrendous Gorgons, girl off one or two fundamental water deities, Phorcys and you will Ceto. Medusa is sometimes portrayed since the good winged ladies creature which have life style venomous snakes on her behalf hair. This type of snakes replaced this lady original locks once Athena cursed Medusa getting almost removing the lady magnificence. Just how?-Continue reading to find out.

The storyline of Medusa is such a popular Greek myth advised nowadays, both so you’re able to children and you can grownups the exact same. Considering certain supplies, Medusa is the only real Gorgon who was mortal, so she been able to end up being beheaded by Greek hero, Perseus. Very early Greek and English article writers also asserted that Athena are this new help Perseus must behead Medusa. But as to why?-Why don’t we learn!

The start of the storyline out of Medusa

Someplace in Greece, a good cursed creature remained undetectable. Certainly all the creatures who inhabited the nightmares of the Hellenic, this was surely one of the most dreadful. Many daring heroes dared so you’re able to check this creature, however, none actually ever returned.

Medusa was not usually this way. She once had started probably one of the most gorgeous people ever simply to walk our planet. She came to be of the commitment off two fundamental sea deities, Phorcys and Ceto. However, Medusa arrived to the nation while the the common child.

Medusa had several sisters, Stheno and you can Euryale. 阅读更多