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In ‘Searchers’, looking for love on dating apps is a revealing journey

In ‘Searchers’, looking for love on dating apps is a revealing journey

Gone is the stigma of using a service like Match or OKCupid to find a partner – nowadays, finding someone via Tinder, Bumble or Hinge is the norm. Swiping mindlessly through potential lovers is so common we now do it whether we’re alone or hanging out with friends or even during another date.

If you’ve ever sat down with a friend and asked to go through people on a dating app with them, Searchers is a film for you. If you’re one of the lucky people who have never had to use a dating app and are curious about the experience, Searchers is for you. If you’re interested in how people make dating decisions, how they judge prospective matches or even just how people think, Searchers is for you.

The documentary, which premiered , is an 81-minute glimpse of New Yorkers from all walks of life looking for love during the pandemic. Director Pacho Velez calls the subjects of his film searchers (hence the name, duh) and he pulled from over 75 “encounters” with the city’s app users for a candid, intimate study of the modern dating experience.

There’s plenty to dissect in Searchers and a lot of fodder for deeper thought. Maybe you identify with the 27-year-old woman who said every guy she’s met in person from the app has ended up ghosting her. Or maybe you know someone like the 29-year-old man who made a spreadsheet for all his dates and why they ended (one of the reasons is “English not strong enough”). Even if their sentiments aren’t new, some of us will find some solace in knowing we aren’t alone in our frustrating experiences.

But by collecting the stories of so many people across different age, gender, sexual orientation, racial and socioeconomic groups, Searchers also offers insight into what it’s like for someone unlike you. Take the 88-year-old woman who doesn’t want to date anyone older than 60, for example, or the 20-something woman looking for a sugar daddy on Seeking Arrangement. 阅读更多